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Articles about Children


Do I want a baby? For every woman and man, sooner or later there comes a point when they want to become a mom or dad to give birth to a child, an extension of his family. Millions of people every day are taking, and perhaps most important decision in their life: to become parents. Ask yourself a simple question: Do I want a child?

Consider, for whatever reason you want a child?

Do I want a child : first reason

Redevelopment for the arrival of baby

in your home in the near future will be a newborn? This is great news! But are home space to meeting the newborn from the hospital ? Do not panic, because you there is a lot of time.

child has stress

Children react differently to stress, depending on their individual qualities and management skills are. Primary school children can not fully explain their feelings, while older kids can tell exactly what's bothering them and why (although there is no guarantee that they will share this information with mom or dad).

Children's deception

Main source of knowledge attitudes and behaviors of the child's parents. And every child copies of the parents is not only good but also bad. Most of the parents with the child's age are faced with a problem - the child cheating ".

Here are a few tips that will help wean the child to cheat:

Child interrupts

Child interrupts you , intervenes in the conversation on the phone or with your friends? The reason for this may be the lack of attention or , or your child is too impulsive or poorly educated .

Here are some tips how to wean a child interrupt.

I'm ready to become a mother?

In order to answer the question "if I'm ready to become a mother" need to ask yourself some questions. Weigh all, because of your decision depends life small and helpless child.

1) Do you have opportunity to get away from work , as soon as it is needed. And win a pregnancy in an unequal choice: work or pregnancy?

2) Are you responsibility for someone's life, for the life of a defenseless young man, who depends on you?

How to cook cream of wheat?

How to cook semolina? you do not like semolina porridge? Maybe you just do not know how to cook it? Perhaps semolina - it does not mess, and a delicacy? Below I will try to explain that I know secrets about how to boil semolina - porridge delicacy of my childhood and my adult life!

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