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Child interrupts you?

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Child interrupts

Child interrupts you , intervenes in the conversation on the phone or with your friends? The reason for this may be the lack of attention or , or your child is too impulsive or poorly educated .

Here are some tips how to wean a child interrupt.

1. If your child interferes with telephone conversation, try to buy a wireless phone. Thus, you can keep a child in sight and be able to finish the conversation, in case of need the child your attention.

2. Before you call be sure to ask your child what he wants to do: show off, talk to you or simply read a book. Pay attention to him and then be able to calmly call.

3. You can try to take a child that he likes and that he was interested. For example, a box with a set of toys or just a new toy, a study which will take some time.

4. should correctly respond to the child if he tries to interrupt you. You can not reply: "I really want to talk to you and find out what you want me to tell, but we need to wait a bit, I'll finish the conversation and we'll talk," or "I will help you, but only after the conversation".

5. Do not give your child a warning: "Do not interrupt me, and do not bother me while I talk, thank the child in advance, before the conversation : "Thank you for what you did not interrupt the conversation." Thus, you have given your child in advance thanks and this will cause the child as would "justify" it.

6. It is important to teach children to respect. Look at how your husband is talking, he interrupted his interlocutor. If you have a big family then take a look, interrupting any other family members to each other. You can enter a rule that you can not interrupt each other.

To educate a child properly

And a few more, not less important aspects of communication with your child:

7. Do not warn the child: "Leave me alone for 5 minutes, otherwise I'll put in a corner".

8. Do not tell children about the importance of the call, much more effective to include a new cartoon or a children's film.

9. Do not ignore the child, hoping that your actions will help him calm down.

10. If you have a radio or mobile phone you can give your child attention during a phone call.

11. Do not tell your child: "Go away and do not bother me to talk," pre-warning recipient that you're scolding a child.

12. Tell the child the exact time, after you finish the conversation.

In order to determine the effectiveness of primevennoy technique is simply analyze the behavior of the child . If the chosen method does not work, try another. It is also important to understand that children can not be quiet and hard for a long time, therefore, not ask from them too much .

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