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Children's deception

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Children's deception

Main source of knowledge attitudes and behaviors of the child's parents. And every child copies of the parents is not only good but also bad. Most of the parents with the child's age are faced with a problem - the child cheating ".

Here are a few tips that will help wean the child to cheat:

1. Your task is not to punish, but to teach. But it is also important to help your child to go out with the situation and rectify the consequences of deception. For example: to return the alien toys, taken without permission. Suggest how you can apologize for his deception.

2. You can not ignore the hype from the child and not let it slide. Set specific limits and systematically adhere to these restrictions. Let's say your child does not like brushing your teeth at night, before bedtime, then ask him to explain what specifically he did not like it. Let him know that if he could explain what you can to help him. But brush your teeth, he must necessarily, preferably in your presence.

3. Try not to insult him and refrain from offensive expressions. Try to let him know that you love him for who he is. But to judge his actions need to be sure. For example, "I'm sure you're not a liar." "How can I help you stop telling lies." "I'm sure you're not a creep, so why do you want to take someone else's." Needless to say to him: "You're bad, you're a liar."

Do not punish the child

4. Try to create a trusting atmosphere in the family. This could potentially contribute to the fact that your child will begin to trust you and be able to share their thoughts and feelings, even if they are not the most pleasant. You give him the opportunity to share with you its sad or tell you what it irritates or angers. If this does not happen, these feelings are accumulated in hooliganism and cheating.

5. Can you tell your child that you too are doing bad things, and how it affects your life, relationships with others and self-esteem.

I hope these tips will help you correct your child's behavior, but in order for that to happen it is important to understand that a child in the first place, trying to attract your attention. Each child is important to feel special, and if he feels that you do not perceive or negative assessment of him as a person, it will compensate for the lack of attention deception.

Each child copies the behavior of their parents and other adults. A child sees the parents as an example of how to use deception to their advantage. If you wish, what would your child or resorted to deception, then try to analyze their behavior, and slightly modify it for the better.

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