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Computer dependent child

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Computer dependent child

How does computer-depending on the child? In our era komterizovannosti there are more and more children are from all types of entertainment preference computer . Of course, computers play an important role in our daily lives, but also as a consequence - to them very easily arises dependence. Every year the number of parents who are concerned about the problems that arise in children with computer-dependence. To avoid the manifestation of the so-called syndrome constant fatigue from computer , serezdno must be taken to how much time your child is sitting at the computer.

Syndrome constant fatigue in a child with a computer depending on

Syndrome constant tiredness - a condition that is caused by Prolonged the computer and constant eyestrain . On the computer screen, as well as on the TV screen images and text shimmer slightly, and this causes severe eyestrain. When working with a computer kid blink less often than usual and because of the lack of moisture eye yavloko dry. And for the normal functioning of the eyes, the moisture is a must. This is one of the main factors affecting the fatigue of working with computers.

second important factor affecting the fatigue are incorrectly chosen contact lenses or glasses for computer . This can cause unnecessary tension of the eyeball and bad posture, as the child will constantly try to sit down comfortably to properly see the image on the screen.

If fatigue syndrome from the computer will arise frequently, the visual system will not have time to recover. If dry eyes will tantalize the child for a long time, you should consult a doctor because it may lead to vision loss serezdnomu your child.

Symptoms syndrome constant fatigue in Computer literacy dependent children:
1. Redness and irritation of the eyes;
2. A tired look;
3. Enhanced sensitivity to bright light;
4. Eyes are watery;
5. Reduced ability to work;
6. Persistent pain in the shoulders, neck and back;
7. Muscle cramps;
8. Stomach pains and headaches.

How can you help?

If you follow the simple rules, you can save your eyesight children and protect them from the discomfort of working with computers.

computer - the plague of 21 century

not worth saving on your monitor

Optimum is a good LCD monitor. If the LCD for you dear and you chose to pick a CRT monitor, which supports high chastototu updates and great resolution. Monitor regularly dolzhel protiratsya from dust and placed slightly below eye level. Optimum is a light background and dark letters on it.

reduces flicker monitor

Avoid bright overhead lighting or point a desk lamp to the screen. Equally important, what would the sunlight falling on the screen. This will help the curtains.

Correct posture

optimal distance to the eye is 50 cm from the screen, while the spin of the child should not be bent.

Take breaks

Explain your child the importance of short breaks during the work with your computer. What would help the eyeball to look in periodically and give more blinking.

Check the contact lenses and glasses

important to get advice and see an eye doctor and suitability of your glasses or lenses to work with a computer and everything is okay with his vision. Periodic visits to an eye doctor will not be superfluous.

I am sure that your child will be able to avoid problems with eyesight and health, with your help. You can and avoid the computer-depending on the child. Wrap the child's dependence on komtera the benefit: the development and training. Good luck to you!

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