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Do I want a child

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Do I want a baby? For every woman and man, sooner or later there comes a point when they want to become a mom or dad to give birth to a child, an extension of his family. Millions of people every day are taking, and perhaps most important decision in their life: to become parents. Ask yourself a simple question: Do I want a child?

Consider, for whatever reason you want a child?

Do I want a child : first reason

Perhaps the very first reason is worth noting in case. The so-called unplanned pregnancy. It all happened suddenly, the future parents have no idea what to do and how to make the right decision. All of these concerns and fluctuations adversely affect the psyche beduyuschego child. From his first days he feels that he unwanted by you. Although it is possible for this family and have a future and a baby seal their union.

Do I want a child : second reason

In second place, perhaps, is the desire to preserve the alliance. But whatever you do not use glue, glued vase still will crack. The child does not keep the family together, because an addition to their family, added new worries, and sometimes an excessive responsibility. This family is doomed to collapse.

Do I want a child : Reason Three

third reason I note a sense of inadequacy and inferiority. Over time, all the childless wife begin to feel these feelings. Desire "to create a normal family" and "be like everyone else" is irresistible. Such spouses want to have a child at any price, but they can not give life, because it interferes with their "madness" on this ground. Advise only one thing: release the problem, not hung up and then everything will happen by itself - you have a chance to become better parents themselves!

Do I want a child : fourth reason

Perhaps a new motivation for child birth, fortunately not common, a desire to obtain material benefits. Personally, my opinion, the government squanders money for nothing, indulging in such examples. After all, those who want to give birth to a child, will not stop the material obstacles.

Do I want a child : fifth reason

excess of love. Everything in our life obeys this feeling all the achievements of mankind have meaning only if they are motivated by love. This is the lightest sense of the land and most basic reason for which you are entitled to become a mom and dad.

I wish you all happiness, make good decisions and healthy babies.

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