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Features newborn

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Especially newborns, what are our babies are our babies? The long-awaited moment! You take your baby for the first time on his hands ... and noticed it a few unusual appearance , it is not like a baby, which you yourself have drawn. His skin is reddish , feet and palms blue , and the whole body bloom . All this can disturb, and sometimes even a little scare a young mother. But this is only a feature of the newborn, which are considered quite normal. Do not forget that the intrauterine development of the child lasted for nine months in fluid and without sunlight. So, be prepared to especially newborns :

head newborn

head of the newborn a little more than the volume of the chest and slightly flattened. At the baby's head visible seams - this is the usual cracks between the shares of the skull. The magnitude of the infant head circumference is 33-35 cm at the head of the newborn pronounced joints (cracks between the shares of the skull) and two fontanelle (soft parts is benevolent, which are located at the attachment joints).


Chest circumference 30-33 cm nipples may be slightly swollen.


newborn is elastic and smooth pink skin, covered with cheesy generic grease. After a natural lubricant with which the baby is born, will be removed, the skin of the child will become reddish.

feet and palms newborn may be bluish tint. In addition, as a consequence of a difficult birth, the body can also be a real bruises.

young mothers may also confuse the fluff on the body of a newborn. Typically, there is fluff all newborn babies. He was especially noticeable on the shoulders, back, cheeks and forehead. Fear and remove them is not worth it, they spontaneously "vykatayutsya" and disappear after a few days.

Your child will change every day. Do not miss these happy moments of its development!

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