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The first month of life

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The first month of life

Baby was born! He informs the world about his birth cry, meets the first ray of sun makes its first breath, ..., a child begins his life's journey. He helpless and totally dependent on their parents .

first month of life , also known as the neonatal period, particularly important for child development. During this period, completely changing the nature of life support the child, to overdo the circulatory system, begin their work of the digestive, respiratory and excretory system include an unconditional sucking reflex.

What he baby newborn period? Physical characteristics of the child indicates that the child is not at all reduced a copy of an adult. In half the time the heart beats - 135-140 beats per minute, two and a half times as fast breathing - 35-42 times a minute, but the pressure in the vessels - 85/45 millimeters of mercury column, whereas in adults 120/80. These figures indicate that the metabolic processes in infancy occur with unprecedented speed.

Factors that above are given above, this figures to physiologically mature children. Do not confuse the concept of "full-term baby" and "physiologically mature kid." Full-term baby in pregnancy, ie, born at 38-42 weeks, but "physiologically immature" for the development of body functions. The main features of physiological maturity is the thermal regulation of body temperature, high muscle tone in hands and feet, the presence of gripping and plantar reflexes and reflex crawling.

I would like to elaborate on the description of these reflections:

1) grasping reflex in a child manifests itself, if put into the handle of the baby finger, then crumb immediately grabs him tightly.

2) Plantar reflex shows, if you touch to the sole - babe unbends and flex your fingers legs.

3) Check the reflex crawling can be read. The child put on the tummy, under the pen draws in the breast, and to the soles of substitute his hand. Reflex arises from the fact that the child tries to push off, and even a little budge.

All these reflexes checks pediatrician at the hospital, as well as the local doctor that will supervise the child field of the statement. The presence of all reflexes Child Never in my life that only a few days indicates the physical maturity of the child. On the basis of precisely these reflections will further develop the action hands and feet and the overall development of your child's movement.

Despite some "gifts of nature" as an innate reflex, the child is, of course, is the most helpless creature of all babies on the planet. The only sign of feelings of the child, which is addressed to adults, this cry. Cry baby is everything, and even in the first month of life the child learns to express their demands, desires intonation.

main objectives of the parents in the first month of life are helping the child to adapt to the outside world, proper feeding, hygienic care and the establishment of a daily regime of .

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