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How to cook cream of wheat?

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How to cook cream of wheat?

How to cook semolina? you do not like semolina porridge? Maybe you just do not know how to cook it? Perhaps semolina - it does not mess, and a delicacy? Below I will try to explain that I know secrets about how to boil semolina - porridge delicacy of my childhood and my adult life!

I belong to a generation grown on a ladle. As a child I did not terribly fond of semolina: This thick crust, which was covered with porridge, not cooked semolina lumps, whose presence was inevitable; persuasion parents eaten another spoonful. All that I have caused the persistent notion that semolina - this mess is not for me.

broke my stereotypes about this porridge quite recently. For some time I worked with a good cook, which is forever changed my attitude to the ladle. It turns out that we just do not know how to cook this tasty cream of wheat! Once I started cooking semolina prescription my friend, now semolina, our favorite family treat.

So, first , you should not cook semolina in water. To save, or simply, that would make such a mess no-calorie, milk can be diluted with water. I'm always in the milk fat content 3.2 adds 30% water, although this is not standard, anyone can develop for themselves a different proportion.

Secondly , for cooking delicious semolina , must comply with the correct proportion . At 0.5 liters of liquid 3 tablespoons semolina. When this ratio turns out not thick porridge and liquid.

To cook semolina without lumps , porridge should be boiling milk to fall asleep quickly, but a thin stream while stirring rapidly and evenly. After this, add salt and a mess sugar to taste.

should also remember that cook semolina should 5-7 minutes , stirring constantly. But after leaving a pan for another 10 minutes, what would it swollen.

The finished semolina, you can add butter, jam or marmalade.

Now you know, how to cook semolina . Boil the semolina with pleasure and in a good mood and then your family will be delighted with this simple but sophisticated dishes. Enjoy appetite for small plates monkey!

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