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Я живу и радуюсь жизни, радуюсь своему сыну и всему что меня окружает. Желаю всем радоваться жизни и ценить, то что имеете.

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I'm ready to become a mother?

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I'm ready to become a mother?

In order to answer the question "if I'm ready to become a mother" need to ask yourself some questions. Weigh all, because of your decision depends life small and helpless child.

1) Do you have opportunity to get away from work , as soon as it is needed. And win a pregnancy in an unequal choice: work or pregnancy?

2) Are you responsibility for someone's life, for the life of a defenseless young man, who depends on you?

3. Are you love Child gratis ?

4) Support Whether your decision to become a mother your husband , and whether you have on this ground differences?

5) Is the child to self or subject to solutions any personal Problems ?

6) You are all carefully weighed and ready to difficulties and new concerns , which will arise after the appearance of light of the child?

7) You are aware that after the addition of a family you have to sacrifice many and abandon habitual rhythm of life

you think that answer "Yes" to all questions is impossible? Then you are not yet ready to become a mother. Be patient, solve all their problems, to create harmony within yourself and around you the world, for what would eventually be invited to this new harmony of man and become the happiest mom in the world. Rely and trust your body, nature and destiny.

After some time, always repeat the test on motherhood - "Am I ready to become a mother"!!!

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