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Choosing a pediatrician

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Choosing a pediatrician

Choosing a pediatrician - no easy task! need to find a doctor to whom you could trust the health of your child. It's difficult, because the pediatrician you have to completely trust, to listen to his recommendations and to implement its provisions.

Today we come to another pediatrician, who advised me familiar. This is a private doctor and takes pay for his defiance in the amount of UAH 50. Before that came to us with a clinic doctor - for free. " Maybe I'm overly fault, but not one of them I can not trust the health of her son!


Tell us more:

Polyclinic to our home came Pretty Woman pediatrician . Vnematelno I listened and tried to answer these questions, examined the baby, and appointed a massive amount of drugs. I still bought it, but here the child gave only a few, since most of them were written for our age can not accept them.

Then I wore a baby the clinic , where we have already examined the another pediatrician . Read our huge list of prescription drugs she uzhastnulas and threw half of them and appointed their own agents. She inspected the Kid in Popyhi as the door sat a huge turn to answer my questions she also nebylo time.

Today, as I mentioned above, I caused private pediatrician . By the arrival of the "respectable" men started a small hysterical cry, and he stopped crying only after 10-ty minutes after his departure. Pediatrician listened lungs Malyavka (we complained of cough), and neck. The child was not very attentive, so vobschem, aby served. He gave answers to my questions and has appointed two drugs. I do not know why, but I for some reason he did not like, and a small mouth, maybe he did not liked it too! fee for calling a doctor to us cost of 50 USD. But not in denggah case, in the case.

I'm starting to wonder, can not exist a good pediatrician? I'm looking for this for nothing? But I do not lose hope!

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