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Redevelopment for the arrival of baby

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Redevelopment for the arrival of baby

in your home in the near future will be a newborn? This is great news! But are home space to meeting the newborn from the hospital ? Do not panic, because you there is a lot of time.

must first loose your home of unwanted "junk» . Throw away from home all that you do not use: broken appliances that you may hedgehog that year trying to mend, old things so it's time to bring him into the village, and so on. You'll see immediately appears a lot of space, which can be used for the baby. Your house or apartment should be fully equipped for the needs of the newborn.

The second step should be noted getting rid of dust collectors . Dust - this is the first enemy of small children, "allergic" and "Bank of infections in one person.

If possible, remove from the house, and especially from the room where the baby will be, dusty objects: carpets, upholstered furniture, sideboards with lots of small things, feather pillows. Nursery Furniture Now we get down to the removal of dust in the" hard to reach places ", to which you may have not got around before: look under furniture and cabinets, climb things in cabinets, bookshelves and lockers, do not forget about the windows, cornices, batteries and chandeliers; perestirayte or estimate of the curtains.

If you decide to make repairs , do not forget that the best thing that will let future Pope or invite for this purpose by relatives for help. While mom is better to sit out the repairs away from paints, varnishes, adhesives and other chemicals. Take into account the fact that for children's rooms are best light, soothing colors: beige, pink, light green, light blue. When choosing wallpaper discard those in which a large and bright picture, because it may frighten the baby.

equipping children's room, leave it only the furniture that is really needed. In this case, should prefer practicality, durability, wood and furniture without sharp corners. Crib for the baby should be placed away from the battery, okra, doors and outlets, but at the same time it must be very light and cozy corner of the room. Over the crib should not be no hinged objects furniture, paintings and other things because they may fall and cause harm to the child. The only exceptions are items specially designed for the child: the canopy and mobile.

The color scheme for the nursery Do not forget that when the house baby wet cleaning should be done twice a day and moisturize the air . Think about it beforehand. maximum free space of unnecessary items that have to constantly move. Buy a humidifier or atomizer. Moist air has beneficial effects on the body: improves metabolism, boosts the immune system, enriches the blood and tissues of oxygen.

best if the first year of life your child will sleep in the same room with you - this will save much time for sleep. In a separate room, you always have time to relocate their child, and now the most important thing for him to feel your warmth and care, and know that you are always near .

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