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The second month of life

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The second month of life

Over the shoulders first month - perhaps the most difficult for parents. It was a month not only to adapt the child to the environment, but also a month of adaptation of parents to their new status and new responsibilities.

In two months, a child already know your hands vote. This is a time when one can not spoil a child affection. Do not be afraid often take the child in his arms , parental affection for him an elixir of life growth and development. The main thing that you did everything with confidence, without much trepidation and "rushing" because nervous and uncertain movements frighten the child, and he begins to cry. Organize and maintain calm and the rhythm of life for yourself and your krohotulki. Remember: a calm and balanced parents - calm and balanced children.

Every day your child is changing, showing his character and temperament, as well as improving their skills. In two months, your child masters these skills :

1) highlights in the space adult and items that it shows;

2) focuses the mind on the subject and treats it;

3) listen to the sounds;

4) in contact with an adult reacts smile ;

5) lying on the tummy can not long retain head .

Every child is an individual, individually and in his development. Need to know that some kiddies need some more time to master the skills listed above, and that is does not point to their underdevelopment.

Do not forget that your baby is quite helpless, and of caring for them depends on its development. Try exclude from the life of the baby adverse feelings : hypothermia, overheating, a sharp temperature drop of the environment, hunger, wetness "diapers.

In two months, a child needs time for training . Set aside a few minutes each day between feedings and sleep for mastering the skill of raising and holding their heads in the supine position, and also for socializing and light massage.

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