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Signs of Pregnancy

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Signs of Pregnancy

Before describing basic signs of pregnancy , we should first understand what pregnancy - this natural process of change in the female body and hormone . The body of every woman is unique, respectively, and the main grounds on which we can determine pregnancy in the early stages, different women seriously differ. Independently determine, according to the signs of pregnancy is not easy. A uniquely identify pregnancy you will test for pregnancy or Gynecologist .

Here they are, basic signs of pregnancy , which are observed in women in early pregnancy:

1) primary sign of pregnancy is absence of menstruation ;

2) are also signs of pregnancy are: swelling, sensitivity , and sore breasts ;

3) during pregnancy, there is also a symptom of frequent urination;

4) mainly in the pregnancy, you may also notice increased appetite and / or change in taste;

5) a traditional sign of pregnancy during the first trimester is morning sickness and vomiting - toxemia in pregnancies;

6) one of the major symptoms of pregnancy and hormonal changes signal the beginning testify darkening areas around the nipples;

7) in the first period of pregnancy a woman may experience a feeling of physical fatigue and drowsiness;

8) throughout pregnancy may occur frequent mood swings is mainly based ninachem, irritability and tearfulness, unfounded fear and anxiety.

Having one or more of the above basic ghosts of pregnancy is not evidence of pregnancy. To ensure accurate diagnosis and recommended that you buy at any drugstore a few pregnancy tests from different manufacturers, then should consult a gynecologist. Remember, only a doctor can put diagnose pregnancy and to determine gestational age. The doctor will also help you make a pregnancy calendar and suggest how to fight or to accept one or another major ghosts pregnancy.

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