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Toys for children up to three months

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Toys for children up to three months

Are toys for children up to three months of life? The need for children up to three months, and especially the baby in the first months of life - is the need to communicate with adults, their attention and guardianship. This communion is a direct and disinterested by the child. Communicating in the first three months is unique, it is a direct and disinterested, because no encumbrances: no toys, no extra information other than the expression of the relationship to each other. The baby loves you very unselfishly, just because you are. Parents also love the child just because he is, not appreciating its achievements or actions.

First he sees and realizes the baby - it adult person . And as if it did not sound rude, but it is « first toy » for the child, the first toy a child under three months. However, even with two months of age , for a child is very интерестно and useful interactions not only with the face of an adult, but his substitutes: storyline toys with expressive eyes , noses and mouths. It could be toys, farm animals, the size of 10-12 cm, produces a different sound.

show their child should be at a distance of 40-60 cm from the eye.

also be interested in the child various toys that make sounds: bells, bells, rattles, drums and others. All toys should not be too loud. Also you can sing your child songs and lullabies .

Starting the third month , a child may have an interest in music is mobile . Also, your child will be interesting to play develops a rug .

basic requirement for all toys is the presence of the certificate of quality and environmentally friendly material from which they are incurred.

buying toys, look for the specified manufacturer of the child's age (as on the toys can be stated as: a toy for children up to three months or a toy for children after three months), from which you can play this toy, as well as to give preference branded toys .

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