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Your child has stress?

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child has stress

Children react differently to stress, depending on their individual qualities and management skills are. Primary school children can not fully explain their feelings, while older kids can tell exactly what's bothering them and why (although there is no guarantee that they will share this information with mom or dad).

stress adversely affects both the mind , and on physical health of the child . He may complain of abdominal pain or headache. The child may refuse assistance, and insist on the fact that nothing worries him. The child may appear nervous habits and disorders such as nail biting, frequent moodiness and temper for no reason. If the problem is with the school, he can tell you that it is not wants to go there.

Some common causes of child stress:

Big changes in the family. This may be a divorce, relocation or even the birth of a new family member. Global changes in a child's life can deprive him of his sense of security, and push it to the jitteriness of uncertainty, anxiety, or jealousy.

overly busy schedule. If your child is constantly engaged in active life, constantly playing sports, visiting clubs and development groups, it may also cause the child stress. Especially if it's the kind of kids that needs a little breathing space between different types of deatelnosti.

Together we extortion stress psychological pressure on yourself. Many students may feel a strong desire to succeed in school. They may want to be admired, and other children like them. This type of stress is particularly common in children who are afraid to make mistakes.

stress caused by something at school. differences and misunderstandings within a class can cause a child's stress. Even if no one above him is not mocked, but it is only show or made inappropriate remarks and the whole class laughed. Prejudice against a teacher or a lack of attention from teachers.

How can you help?

Do not try to soothe feelings of the child. Do not tell the child "Do not worry, everything is fine." Firstly, it will cause the child concerned that his feelings are normal and not natural. Secondly - the conviction that the family did not understand and do not share his feelings. It is important to understand the child that his feelings are normal and natural, and that you, too, at one time experienced something similar. Share with your child their own methods and ways of coping at a young age.

Listen baby . You know, a great comfort can only be that someone listened to you and your story about what is bothering you. Do the same for your child. If he does not want to talk, let him know that you are near him. Just be with him and remind him that you love him and support him.

Children's Stress: how to help with stress complete comfort and maximum attention . Try to do what the child likes:

- play with him in the middle of the action;

- insert your favorite music;

- watch a good movie;

- play alone with a pet;

- just to read your child a favorite book;

- about his infancy.

your child needs attention.

walk and fresh air. Moving actions may improve your mood, so forward to fresh air. Even if it's just on the trip to the store, fresh air and physical activity should raise the spirit of the child and give him a new perspective on things. You can also go fishing or to the woods for mushrooms.

follow the usual routine of the day. Try to keep the prior schedule. It is not necessary to resort to regime change. Try to stick to regular sleep and meals.

Child Health. Make sure that your child eats well and has no lack of sleep. If a child feels good, and the stress it will bring easier and faster to come to this state.

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